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News Archive 2014

Yearly News Archive

Investment and Company News by Year

It is important to us to inform our investors, partners and clients regularly about our activities. On this page you will find updates, comments, press releases, speeches and pictures about our accomplishments and JUWELIS related news.
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2014 31 Dec

A Message from the CEO

A Message from Steffen Bastian, CEO & Chairman A challenging Year has come to an End Reflecting on 2014, I can say that it has been a challenging year with many obstacles. At the same time, I am extremely delighted how we managed to overcome those hurdles ... more

2014 24 Dec

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, a lichtigin Chanukah, happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays from the JUWELIS Team Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday from the JUWELIS Team from around the world. Wishing you peace and a serene time with your family and lov... more

2014 27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Florida, USA Time to Reflect and give Thanks Happy Thanksgiving from Florida! We thank our family, friends, employees and business partners for the continuous support throughout the year. Wishing you a very happy holiday from Tampa,... more

2014 24 Oct

New JUWELIS Association founded

JUWELIS Human Care Association A Swiss Non-Profit Organization JUWELIS is proud to announce the foundation of a Swiss Non-Profit Organization: JUWELIS Human Care Association. This new organization concentrates on humanitarian activities world-wide, with the... more

2014 20 Oct

JUWELIS meeting Partners in Linz, Austria

Solidifying Partnership and Prioritizing Projects JUWELIS Senior Management in Linz, Austria The JUWELIS Senior Management spent three days in Linz, Austrian's third largest city and capital of Upper Austria (Oberoesterreich). The goal was to plan and priori... more

2014 11 Oct

JUWELIS as VIP Guests at Tampa Bay Lightning Game

Invited by Port Tampa Bay Meeting with Tampa Executives, City and County Representatives Executives of Port Tampa Bay invited JUWELIS's COO Evelyn Bernet with partners and consultants to meet at Tampa's impressive AMALIE Stadium to discuss further mutual bus... more

2014 09 Oct


New App sponsored by JUWELIS Information and Prevention of Ebola with new Technology JUWELIS is sponsoring the development of a new App (Application for Smart Phones) for information and education on handling signs of Ebola, called the EBOLAPP.  This brand... more

2014 26 Sep

Touched by the Outbreak of the Ebola Virus

Meeting with "Friends of Liberia" in Leipzig, Germany JUWELIS' Involvment in Ebola Education and Prevention JUWELIS' partnership with the association "Friends of Liberia" in Leipzig ( has been established in 2013, right af... more

2014 20 Sep

Beautiful Switzerland

JUWELIS Office and its Surroundings Breathtaking Serenity! Pfaeffikon, Lachen, Lake Sihl and Lake Waeggital - less than 20 kilo meters (12 miles) from the JUWELIS office. ... more

2014 16 Sep

Successful days in Istanbul, Turkey

New Partnerships established Promising meetings in Istanbul, Turkey This trip has been worthwile. New and promising partherships have been established. A foundation for mutual businesses have been discussed and created. We will update shorty. ... more

2014 04 Aug

Madrid, Spain

Meetings in Madrid, Spain Difficult but satisfying days in Madrid JUWELIS spent three days in August in Madrid for negotiations with partners, bankers and attorneys. Hitting the brutal heat in August in Spain's capital.  ... more

2014 14 Jul

Geneva, Switzerland

A short trip to Geneva  Meeting with our Attorneys Geneva is only three hours from the office in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We met with our attorney and had a little bit of time for lunch in the old town. ... more

2014 03 Jul

Reorganizing the Office at the Headquarters

A busy Week at the Office! New Server, new IT equipment and cleaning up! Due to new requests from overseas, a new prioritization of projects is necessary and it is time to catch up, sort out and clean out the office at the headquarters in Pfäffikon. A new s... more

2014 07 Jun

JUWELIS new in Mexico

Promising Opportunities in Mexico New JUWELIS Office. New Partners. new Projects. What a welcome for JUWELIS in Mexico! Our Mexican JUWELIS representatives, Lucy Gomez and Gilberto,Rungel introduced us to the top of Mexico's politicians, to very promising p... more

2014 06 Jun

*** Breaking News from Mexico! ***

JUWELS new in Mexico! Viva México! Breaking News: JUWELIS México Management S.A. de C.V. is in process of being founded in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with managing directors Lucy Torres Gomez and Jose Gilberto Rangel Hiriarte! We wish Ms. Gomez and Mr. Ra... more

2014 05 Jun

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Hotel Museo Palacia De San Agustin Invited at the Senator's Hotel in San Luis Potosi, Mexico Thank you, Senator, for inviting us to your magnificent Hotel Museo Palacio De San Agustin: The entire JUWELIS Team fe... more

2014 18 May

Property Search for new Location in Berlin, Germany

JUWELIS Team in Berlin, Germany Preparation for new Location in Germany Our CEO and Team are currently "property hunting" in Berlin, Germany and will spend the next three days searching for the ideal new location for the main JUWELIS location in Germany. It... more

2014 12 May

New Partnership with European Investment Group

Meetings in Florida, USA New Partnership for Projects Worldwide After months of negotiations, the JUWELIS Senior Management finalized and solidified contractually an extremely important partnership with an European Investment Group for financial assistance ... more

2014 01 May

Short, but important visit to Singapore

Celebrating May 1st in Singapore Preparation of new Business Ventures In-between meetings in Japan and Hong Kong, JUWELIS' CEO flew to Singapore to prepare some new business ventures. It was a short but important visit to Singapore to solidify new partnersh... more

2014 27 Apr

Spring in Japan

Japan's Cherry Blossom 2014 Gorgeous as gorgeous can be The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. In a band of warmer weather moving from south to north and beginning in late February in Okinawa, the cherry blossom front usually reaches Hokkaido in... more

2014 22 Apr

JUWELIS désormais présent au Maroc!

JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL Les activités de JUWELIS dans un environnement de conte de fée JUWELIS est fier d'annoncer l'intégration de JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL, une holding implantée au Maroc, pour mener à bien les activités locales de JUWE... more

2014 22 Apr

JUWELIS new in Morocco!

JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL JUWELIS Activities in Fairy Tale Environment JUWELIS is proud to announce the incorporation JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL, a holding company in Morocco for local JUWELIS activities. The JUWELIS Senior Team visited Morocco f... more

2014 21 Apr

New: JUWELIS Hydro Power AG

New JUWELIS Entity Hydro Power and other renewable Energy Technologies In December 2013, JUWELIS Hydro Power AG has been incorporated as a subsidiary of JUWELIS Group. The new Swiss company specializes in the development, research, production an... more

2014 20 Apr

Happy Easter and Passover

Easter and Passover Celebration Wishing you Happy Holidays For an entire week, both Jews and Christians remember, rejoice and return to the foundations of their faiths, both of which are deeply rooted in the miraculous.  These holy days have their roots in... more

2014 08 Apr

Visite de JUWELIS dans un orphelinat marocain

Orphelinat Dar al Atfal al Ouafae Fez au Maroc Lassociation HUMAN Care de JUWELIS compte un nouveau membre JUWELIS a eu le privilège de pouvoir visiter un orphelinat à Fez, au Maroc. Le directeur, fondateur et membre du personnel de l'orphelinat Dar al ... more

2014 08 Apr

JUWELIS visiting Orphanage in Morocco

Orphanage Dar al Atfal al Ouafae Fez, Morocco JUWELIS' newest addition to HUMAN Care Association JUWELIS received the privilege to visit an orphanage in Fez, Morocco.  The director, founder and staff of the orphanage Dar al Atfal al Ouafae in Fez welcomed... more

2014 19 Mar

Business Weekend in Japan

Tokyo and Nagoya Short Business Visit in Japan During the JUWELIS CEO's busy weeks in Hong Kong, he incorporated a quick weekend trip to Japan. Purpose of the short visit was to catch up with the JUWELIS Team Japan, with some of our clients and investors and... more

2014 19 Mar

Update from JUWELIS Hong Kong

Satisfying News from Hong Kong JUWELIS CEO in Hong Kong A couple of weeks in Hong Kong are coming to a satisfying end for the JUWELIS CEO and the JUWELIS Team Hong Kong.  Successful financial transactions for JUWELIS projects world-wide are ready to be fin... more

2014 11 Mar

Moment of Silence for Japan

Sad Third Anniversary of Japan's Disastrous Tsunami Please join us for a Moment of Silence On March 11, 2011, at 2:46 P.M. a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami. In Japan, residents are still recovering from the disas... more

2014 07 Mar

Nature's Wonder on Planet Earth

Starling Murmuration in Great Britain Fascinating Dance Formations in the Sky In the video below you can see just one example why it is so important to us to preserve our planet. Every year the same amazing spectacle: hundred of thousands of starlings danci... more

2014 14 Feb

Happy Valentine's Day

Spreading the Gift of Love around the World History of Saint Valentine's Day Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine”. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Chris... more

2014 05 Feb

Fish Farming and Aquaculture Europe

New Partnership in Preparation European Experts in Fish Farming and Aquaculture Latest Announcement: JUWELIS is in preparation of a new partnership with European experts in fish farming and aquaculture. The team brings knowledge and experience in this field ... more

2014 31 Jan

Chinese New Year Celebration

January 31st, 2014  Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse Happy New Year to all our friends in China, in Hong Kong and around the world! Chinese New Year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, in China start on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month... more

2014 27 Jan

JUWELIS Headquarters in Winter

Winter Impression in Pfäffikon Pfäffikon Scenery in January Wrapped into cold air, Pfäffikon turned into an enchanting winter wonderland. Freezing temperatures, sunshine and blue sky invite to an early morning stroll along the shore line of Lake Zurich. ... more

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