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Update from JUWELIS Hong Kong

Satisfying News from Hong Kong

JUWELIS CEO in Hong Kong

A couple of weeks in Hong Kong are coming to a satisfying end for the JUWELIS CEO and the JUWELIS Team Hong Kong. 

Successful financial transactions for JUWELIS projects world-wide are ready to be finalized. Additionally, JUWELIS is pleased with the progress in the commodity business of our commodity subsidiary in Hong Kong and we were were able to established new partnerships and associates such as the Hong Kong Fishermen Alliance.

We are content with the result of the first quarter 2014 in Hong Kong and are confident to do well in the rest of the year.

Hong Kong is becoming a significant hub for our activities in Japan, Singapore, China Mainland and for future business in Thailand and the Philippines.

We thank the Hong Kong Team, all our partners and friends in Hong Kong for their contribution to these successful transactions. Hong Kong and its people have been once more very supportive and we tremendously enjoy working in and with Hong Kong. 


Published on Wednesday, 19. March 2014 at 01:24 am

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