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Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Renewable Energy Technologies

Clean energy projects with high returns are JUWELIS’ prime focus. JUWELIS is positioned all over the globe with its own patents and state-of-the-art technologies from carefully selected partners.

Sustainable Agriculture

JUWELIS commits to sustainable agriculture - the way of farming today. JUWELIS SMART FARMS are designed to produce a safe, high-quality and affordable food supply with the ability to enhance farmer's quality of life. The concept is to use the natural biological cycle, combined with renewable energy technologies in a controlled environment. JUWELIS SMART FARMS can be duplicated anywhere in the world.


The ultimate commodity is water. Water is in some parts of the world already scarce, but it is predicted to be the most precious resource anywhere in the world. Please ask one of our representatives for more details on JUWELIS SMART WATER and JUWELIS Water Treatment Projects.

Please call one of our representative for further information.

Green Construction Material

JUWELIS is continuously to adding new technologies to the portfolio within the SMART HOUSING Technologies. New projects in mainly rural areas are being executed. 

  • SMI
  • GOLD
  • Xetra DAX