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JUWELIS Group is a Swiss Holding structure with subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong, Dubai and Cambodia, further called JUWELIS Holding or simply JUWELIS because we ad value to the world with our resources and our technologies. JUWELIS means adding value as precious as diamonds.

Its business strategy is merging with well-established companies with stand-alone criteria in the area of green technologies, low cost housing systems, drink water equipment, waste water systems, recycling technologies, food and non-food products as well as humanitarian activities

It is our goal being profitable by protecting the environment and supporting the underprivileged in the world. Steffen Bastian, CEO & Chairman of the Board

JUWELIS is a globally operating corporation with headquarters in Switzerland, focusing on project development, project management and project financing in the areas of renewable energies, housing, infrastructure, recycling, agriculture, health care and food and non-food commodities.

With well established local partners around the world and with offices in the United States of America (a total separate entity), Germany, Cambodia, Mexico, Austria, Hong Kong and Japan, JUWELIS guarantees the expertise for success. Superb connections to local authorities, suppliers, government and locals for its investors is JUWELIS' strong point. JUWELIS is continuously growing. 

We cordially invite you to join us, as a 

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Please contact JUWELIS for further opportunities.

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