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Infrastructure and Housing



JUWELIS Group carefully chooses new strategic locations for construction and rebuilding of infrastructure as part of the business expansion effort. It is JUWELIS primary goal to secure benefits for our investors, the country and for JUWELIS in a win-win environment. With the JUWELIS complete concept, infrastructure is always a combination of implementing housing, renewable energies, agriculture and financing. 


JUWELIS Smart Housing

JUWELIS Smart Housing is an innovation for the world-wide operation in all climatic zones, especially in areas without or with no infrastructure. Prefabricated elements allow a minimal set up time. The components are flexible in their combinations. With a solid, barrier free construction and used as low budget housing, medical units, offices, schools, laboratories, stores, hotels and much more.

The JUWELIS Smart Housing concept is used in many of JUWELIS' projects, such as housing units around infrastructure, or as temporary units while implementing JUWELIS renewable energy technologies, or as laboratories for the JUWELIS Smart Farms. To keep our promise of creating a win-win setting, JUWELIS manufactures the elements in the destination country in order to creates jobs.

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