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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

JUWELIS Holding Group and Investments

Frequent questions about JUWELIS Holding and its business activities. 

Who is JUWELIS Group and what are their activities?
JUWELIS Group is a Swiss Holding Company investing in renewable energy projects, infrastructure and agriculture ventures. Its related companies and partners are active in lucrative energy markets world-wide. The JUWELIS strategy is based on the acquisition of existing power facilities as well as projects from the drawing board, always focusing on profitability and securities for our partners.
What is JUWELIS' strategy and vision?
It is JUWELIS' prime focus to participate in preserving our planet's natural resources and serve the population. JUWELIS investments target renewable energy technologies, sustainable farming and economic growth for our partners. JUWELIS integrative model in a win-win environment for all involved parties is unique and generates high interest among JUWELIS investors/partners.
What is JUWELIS' strategy for its economic growth?
JUWELIS Group selects politically stable countries with a deficit in energy and high electricity prices. It is a prime interest to implement the complete JUWELIS concept which includes infrastructure, housing, agriculture and creating jobs in the selected region. Additionally, available natural resources will enhance the investor's confidence with the JUWELIS model.
What is the experience and the background of the JUWELIS management?
The JUWELIS Management is a team of highly educated members in the fields of economics, engineering and law. The management team is hand-selected and most members used to work together in the past in projects in the area of financing, technologies, commodities, media and telecommunication. Collecting decades of experience in these fields allowed JUWELIS to select only the best of the best. Additionally, JUWELIS added advisory teams with long time established associates for financing, law, due diligence and asset management to insure the highest level of comfort for its partners.
Why is it lucrative to invest in renewable energy projects or in commodities?
An investment into renewable energy technologies with the JUWELIS model is attractive. The main reasons are:
  1. Continuously growing population and increased demand for energy lead to power deficits and increased prices.
  2. Expanding importance of the implementation of renewable energy technologies especially due to lack and dependence of fossil fuel. Many governments support the development of renewable energies, change laws and offer financial grants.
  3. The implementation of renewable technologies require very often high starting costs which will be covered fast due to significantly reduced energy costs or the export of power.


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