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Liberia, Africa

Human Care Association

Basic Information about Liberia, Africa

Once a proud and thriving nation, Liberia is now one of the continent's poorest countries. 

In a long-lasting civil war during the 1980s and 1990s, Liberia lost approximately 250,000 people and many fled the country. Despite serious efforts by the current administration, the rebuilding of war-torn Liberia is an extremely challenging task. The Liberian civil war essentially destroyed the country's infrastructure and further aggravated the crippling poverty among Liberia's population. 

Steffen Bastian, CEO of JUWELIS Group, visited Liberia as a member of the Saxony Consortium in April 2013 and was touched by the lack of the most rudimentary necessities for the population. As a result, JUWELIS chose to add the United Methodist Hospital in Ganta and the SOS Children's Villages to JUWELIS' Human Care Association's missions.

United Methodist Hospital

Ganta, Liberia

Steffen Bastian in Ganta









At the end of Steffen Bastian's official business trip to Liberia in April 2013, he drove hours on dusty and unpaved roads to Ganta in the North East of Liberia, following the invitation to tour the United Methodist Hospital.

Deeply touched by the lack of supply, equipment and infrastructure, he committed to support the hospital and its team.

The United Methodist Hospital urgently needs

  • Children's Hospital ($30,000)
  • Dental Clinic / Emergency ($9,000)
  • Cafeteria ($90,000)
  • Offices ($19,000)
  • Sonogram
  • Anesthesia Equipment
  • Monitors
  • Medicine
  • Medical Supply
  • Medical Education
  • etc.

The purpose of the cafeteria is to offer the waiting patients shelter and to generate income for the hospital. Additional funds are desperately needed to provide the necessary medical education to the staff.

SOS Children's Villages

Monrovia and Juah Town, Liberia

SOS Children Liberia

During the 14 year long civil war, the country's youngest people were affected most. Thousands were recruited as child soldiers. Many were orphaned and others were brutally killed. Today, 340,000 Liberian children grow up without parents. In certain areas of Liberia, neither medical centers nor schools exist. The result is an alarming illiteracy rate of 41% among Liberians aged 15 or above.

The activities of SOS Children's Villages in Liberia were initiated in 1978. During the many years of cruel civil war, the SOS Children's Villages always remained a safe haven for families and children in need. Today, SOS Children's Villages is supporting young people and children to provide day care, education, and medical care in two different locations.

Human Care Association is devoted to support SOS Children's Villages in Liberia to bring a better future through education in cooperation with the German Foundation Freunde Liberias



Please help to invest in a better future for the children and the people in Liberia. Contact us and a representative we will respond immediately.


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