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Strategic Partnerships

JUWELIS Group is a Swiss Holding Company with a number of engineering and finance servicing corporations under one umbrella.

JUWELIS related corporations:

  • LAC Capital Management AG
  • Global VAT Refund AG
  • Global VAT Refund GmbH
  • CASIUS Treuhand AG / CASIUS Trust

Beside the JUWELIS related corporations, a group of carefully selected partners joined the JUWELIS team. Their expertise adds financial stability, employment and economic growth to selected countries. By using the synergy of commercial interests and humanitarian activities, JUWELIS has the utmost respect towards the local culture, religion and needs.

With worldwide partnerships, JUWELIS is able to create a balance of mutual awareness for the involved business partners, as well as for the population and the Government for a successful business relationship.

Choosing partners with integrity and expertise is one of JUWELIS' top priorities. A team of international attorneys and compliance experts oversee all activities. All new associates, partners, suppliers and employees go through an extensive compliance procedure in order to deliver the highest standard for the JUWELIS project partners. 


  • SMI
  • GOLD
  • Xetra DAX