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Agriculture, Food and Water


JUWELIS' Approach 

Sustainable Agriculture is a way of farming that can be carried out for generations to come. JUWELIS supports this long term approach to combine efficient production without being invasive to the earth. 

Over time, sustainable agriculture will:

  • Meet human needs with a safe, high-quality, and affordable supply of food and water
  • Protect the natural resource base and prevent the pollution of air, soil and water
  • Use nonrenewable resources wisely
  • Use natural biological cycle

The JUWELIS concept can be duplicated and adapted to anywhere in the world. 

JUWELIS Smart Farms

JUWELIS Smart Farms are a combination of sustainable fish farms, greenhouses and algae production by using renewable energies. 

In collaboration with internationally renowned universities and research centers, the JUWELIS concept can be duplicated anywhere in the world. 

There are two JUWELIS Smart Farms currently breaking ground in the United States of America and in Asia. Please stay tuned and follow our JUWELIS news.



JUWELIS Smart Water

JUWELIS provides water from the glaciers with natural alkalinity of pH 8.6-8.8, preventing illness along with a lasting shelf life. 

JUWELIS alternative solution is a water treatment technology which is based on electric dialysis of sodium chloride and water.


  • SMI
  • GOLD
  • Xetra DAX