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Organic Moringa

JUWELIS' newest Product

The Moringa tree is native to parts of Africa and Asia. Its tiny leaves are filled with with high amounts of calcium, iron, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and all of the same essential amino acids as any other complete protein, like soy beans or meat. Therefore, it is known as the most nutritious green or "the Miracle Tree". This tiny plant has the exceptional potential to save millions of lives as well as to keep us fit and healthy. This is the new Super Food.

JUWELIS is stepping into this new venture for commercial and for humanitarian reasons. The Moringa crop gives farmers a wonderful opportunity to enhance their income and their lifestyle. 

In 2013, JUWELIS Moringa Global Advantage Association Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong. This platform combines buyers, sellers, producers, farmers and investors under one umbrella.

It took the JUWELIS three years to put together the perfect players and a strong team to pioneer this new product worldwide. Farmers and processors are prepared in the Indochina region, in Middle East, South East Europe and in Central America. Please see more information on our website of JUWELIS Moringa Global Advantage Associationn Ltd.

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