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Senior Management


Senior Management Team

"No matter who we are or where we come from, our values always pull us together and push us forward to become a better and stronger company."  -- Steffen Bastian, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Steffen Bastian

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Steffen BastianSteffen Bastian established himself with real estate sales, development and marketing in 1985. Additionally, he expanded his expertise into the fields of consulting, project management, project financing and investment opportunities. He also consulted in various businesses and trusts. With his international tax and VAT consulting firm, offering his own state-of-the-art credit card system, Steffen Bastian generated over 6 million satisfied corporate customers.

In 2012, Steffen Bastian strated to acquired multiple JUWELIS' firms and positioned his corporations under the JUWELIS umbrella. He followed his passion for renewable energies and giving back to the world.

With Steffen Bastian’s proficiency, experience and leadership as CEO and Board Member, all of his companies in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and the Unites States of America are continuously growing.


Evelyn Bernet

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Evelyn BernetEvelyn Bernet hails from Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland and Rome, Italy. With Evelyn Bernet's background in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration, she brings an extensive training to JUWELIS. In 1989 Evelyn Bernet took a leadership position in a chemical production facility at Novartis Basel. Followed by a move to Hoffmann-LaRoche Basel in the GMP/FDA department in 1995.

For the past 17 years, Evelyn Bernet lives in Sarasota, Florida, USA where she held a management position in the sales department of an international health care company. In 2007 she founded her own real estate company. The firm specialized in luxurious residential properties and generated multi million dollars in sales. Additionally, Evelyn Bernet traveled to Central Europe regularly, representing institutional investors for commercial real estate. This reshaped Evelyn Bernet's passion for projects, management, financing and commodities. Evelyn joined the JUWELIS headquarters in the beginning of 2013 and co-founded JUWELIS USA Management LLC in December 2014. Her vast experience in a wide range is the perfect addition for JUWELIS’ success.


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