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JUWELIS Company Profile

JUWELIS Group is a Holding Company with headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Germany, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Morocco.

JUWELIS and its partners, operate globally. JUWELIS supports selected countries providing financial stability, employment and economic growth by using the synergy of commercial interests and humanitarian activities. The utmost respect towards the local culture, religion and needs is JUWELIS top priority.

JUWELIS' concept is to keep protect the planet and to give back by being economically profitable.

  • The JUWELIS technologies such as green construction material offer ideal housing concepts which are sold with custom made add ons for sustainable energies and water solutions. The technologies are being used in low cost housing as well as in industrial, commercial, and luxurious residential developments as turn-key solutions.
  • JUWELIS's recycling technologies clean the planet and produce valuable products such as energy or additive for infrastructure material
  • The JUWELIS Smart Farms offer safe food for the world and enhance the farmer's life. Some of the products can be found in local stores and soon also on-line.
  • JUWELIS is heavily involved in supporting the underprivileged population with its Human Care activities. 

With carefully selected partners and highly experienced professionals, JUWELIS offers excellent service and communication to its clients and partners. 

With worldwide partnerships, JUWELIS is able to create a balance of mutual awareness for the involved business partners, as well as for the population and the Government for a successful business relationship.

Market Segments

JUWELIS Group is a Holding Company with corporations and partners in the fields of:


  • Renewable Energies
  • Agriculture, Food and Water Supply
  • Infrastruture and Housing
  • Manufacturing
  • Recycling
  • Commodities
  • Financial Services
  • Humanitarian Contribution


Mission Statement

We believe in humans and our planet with respect for worldwide culture, regardless of politics, religion or origin. 

  • SMI
  • GOLD
  • Xetra DAX