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News Archive 2013

Yearly News Archive

Investment and Company News by Year

It is important to us to inform our investors, partners and clients regularly about our activities. On this page you will find updates, comments, press releases, speeches and pictures about our accomplishments and JUWELIS related news.
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2013 30 Dec

A Message from the CEO

A Message from Steffen Bastian, CEO & Chairman We are well prepared for a successful 2014 With 2013 as our first year as a holding company, it has exceeded our expectations by far. It has been a significant year for JUWELIS and we thank you for your contri... more

2013 30 Dec

Happy New 2014!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year to all our friends from around the World! What a wonderful World! We are proud to be in the business of making a difference in the World! Happy New Year from the entire JUWELIS Team: Ihr Browser unterstuetzt keine HTML 5 Vi... more

2013 24 Dec

Season Greetings from JUWELIS

Season Greetings from around the World Happy Holidays and a Prosperous Year 2014 Season greetings to all our JUWELIS Team Members, employees, partners, suppliers, donors and friends. It has been a tremendous year filled with success, challenges and opportun... more

2013 24 Dec

Hong Kong - Last Trip in 2013

Final Preparation for Ventures in 2014 Three Days Hong Kong before ending a successful Year With a total of eight trips to Hong Kong in 2013, we can proudly look back to very satisfying accomplishments throughout the year.  Final contracts have been signed... more

2013 17 Dec

Executive Team Members in Florida, USA

Business Development Meetings in Florida Preparation for significant Ventures in 2014 Intensive eight days, filled with meetings with partners from Florida and from other parts of the United States of America, have been more than satisfying.  Significant p... more

2013 05 Dec

Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

One of the greatest Human Beings passed away Our deepest Sympathy to his Family, his Nation and our South African Friends Nelson Mandela, the highly-respected South African anti-apartheid icon who spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and be... more

2013 23 Nov

Giving Thanks

A National Holiday Thanksgiving in the United States - November 28, 2013 Thank you to the entire JUWELIS team, clients, partners and mostly to our CEO, Steffen Bastian! --- Evelyn Bernet, COO of JUWELIS Group Thanksgiving is a holiday celeb... more

2013 15 Nov

Fragile World Foundation (FWF)

Human Care Association A new strategic Partnership has been formed A new strategic partnership has been formed today. Human Care Association, powered by JUWELIS Group, and Fragile World Foundation (FWF) sealed the commitment of joining synergies... more

2013 10 Nov

The First Green Energy powered Refinery

New Partnership with Refinery in Peru A World Sensation: Renewable Energies in a Precious Metal Refinery A new cooperation with a Swiss group in Peru, South America, has been agreed on. JUWELIS came to terms on partnering with a precious metal refinery for t... more

2013 08 Nov

Meeting European Scientists and Engineers

Aquaculture, Water and Recycling Meeting with Swiss, German and Austrian Scientists and Engineers JUWELIS met with renowned specialists in the fields of aquaculture, water and recycling in Austria and Switzerland in the first week of November. This has been ... more

2013 29 Oct

JUWELIS Hong Kong open!

Official Opening JUWELIS Hong Kong Strategic Positioning in the Asian Market Exciting news on this 29th day of October, 2013: Announcement of the official opening of JUWELIS Hong Kong Limited!  You can find us at the Carpo Commercial Building in Central... more

2013 26 Oct

Final Preparation JUWELIS Hong Kong

Official Opening soon New JUWELIS Subsidiary in Final Phase JUWELIS' CEO, Steffen Bastian, travelled again to Hong Kong for the final preparation of the new subsidiary and the new office in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an important strategic location for JUWELIS... more

2013 21 Oct

Meeting with Expert in Japanese Fishery and Agriculture

Meeting with Japanese Expert in Agriculture and Marine Science Professor and former Director of Japanese Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center (JAMARC) On October 21st, the JUWELIS executive team met with a prominent Japanese marine scientist to d... more

2013 21 Oct

JUWELIS overseeing Progress in Japan

Temple Project in Japan Renovation and Expansion The JUWELIS Executive Team traveled to Japan to oversee the progress of the renovation and expansion of the temple project.  This Buddhist Temple is one of Japan's most recognized landmark. The temple was es... more

2013 19 Oct

JUWELIS at 1,000 Lantern Festival in Japan

Sento-kuyo-e in Japan JUWELIS among honored VIP Participants On the third Saturday of October, Sento-kuyo-e, the largest event of the year, is held in Japan. During this event, yamabushi monks dress in traditional clothing and perform a ritual to memorial... more

2013 11 Oct

Florida Marine Research Center

Meeting with Head of Research Center Important Partner with JUWELIS Smart Farms JUWELIS met with the Head of Florida’s Marine Research Center. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss details on site for the upcoming JUWELIS Smart Farm in Florida. Keep check... more

2013 01 Oct

JUWELIS Office Hong Kong

New Office in Hong Kong Grand Opening in October 2013 We are excited to announce to open JUWELIS Hong Kong soon. Hong Kong is an important location for JUWELIS' business activities. Steffen Bastian, CEO JUWELIS Group, spent many wee... more

2013 26 Sep

London, Great Britain

Canary Wharf, London Business Meetings with Banking Partners Canary Wharf is one of London's two main financial centers and is located in Tower Hamlets, London. This quarter gains continuously on importance with its numerous international financial instituti... more

2013 19 Sep

Moon Festival Asia

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival Asia JUWELIS celebrating Moon Festival in Hong Kong September 19, 2013 was one of the most important holidays in Asia: the Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Moon Festival.  This popular harvest festival is celebrated on the 1... more

2013 17 Sep

New Partner in Spain

A new Strategic Partnership Spanish Partner and Consultant joins JUWELIS Today JUWELIS secured a well-thought professional business relationship with a Law Firm from Spain. This will strengthen the JUWELIS activities worldwide. With this strategic move JUWEL... more

2013 17 Sep

New Website

JUWELIS Website in English soon JUWELIS Website is under Construction JUWELIS Website is currently being updated. We apologize any inconvenience. Please check back regularly since we constantly improve and build on. Thank you to the entire team of WOODL... more

2013 02 Sep

JUWELIS new in Japan

JUWELIS Representation in Asia Opening JUWELIS Asia in Japan soon JUWELIS newest office will be opening in October in Japan. This tactical move will expedite all JUWELIS activities in Asia and will guarantee an outstanding support for the JUWELIS partners.... more

2013 02 Sep

JUWELIS new in USA and Canada

First JUWELIS Office Overseas Grand Opening of JUWELIS North America JUWELIS is proud to announce the official opening of JUWELIS North America in Sarasota, Florida. The representation covers the United States of America and Canada. Positioning a JUWELIS bra... more

2013 20 Aug

JUWELIS in Hong Kong, China

Important Business Trip to China Steffen Bastian four weeks in Hong Kong Steffen Bastian, CEO and Chairman of JUWELIS spent four weeks in Hong Kong, China. This business trip solidified many important partnerships for the JUWELIS concept. Steffen Bastian for... more

2013 16 Jul

Activities in Japan

Strategic Meetings in Japan JUWELIS and Partners in Tokyo, Japan Steffen Bastian, CEO of JUWELIS was invited to tour one of JUWELIS next humanitarian project, the restoration and expansion of a historic temple facility. Additionally, ground work for an addit... more

2013 21 Jun

Outgoing German Ambassador in Liberia

German Ambassador honored by Liberian's President Ambassador Dr. Bodo Erich Werner Schaff A few personal words from Steffen Bastian, CEO and Chairman of JUWELIS Group: We would like to thank Ambassador Dr. Bodo Schaff for his kind, diligent a... more

2013 05 Jun

Japanese Guests in Switzerland

Important Meetings in Zurich Japanese Clients and Partners at JUWELIS Headquarters JUWELIS was honored to greet its Japanese partners at JUWELIS headquarters office in Pfaeffikon. The purpose of the meetings in Switzerland was to intensify the partnership a... more

2013 03 Jun

Kofi A. Annan

Kofi A. Annan at Next Generation Conference Zurich JUWELIS Special Invitation in Zurich, Switzerland Steffen Bastian, CEO JUWELIS, was among the honored VIP guests at the Next Generation Conference with Kofi A. Annan on June 3rd, 2013. Kofi Annan, former Se... more

2013 28 May

VIP Invitation Tokyo

Prime Minister of India in Tokyo VIP Invitation for JUWELIS Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, held a lecture in Japan for the Japanese Government leaders including a group of high ranking monks and selected international business men in Tokyo on May... more

2013 18 Apr

United Methodist Hospital, Ganta

Visit to United Methodist Hospital in Ganta, Liberia, Africa Steffen Bastian representing Human Care Association "The children and people of Liberia have touched my heart forever."   Steffen Bastian Steffen Bastian, president of Human Care Association ... more

2013 17 Apr

JUWELIS in Liberia, Africa

Visit to Liberia's Public and Private Sector Steffen Bastian representing JUWELIS in Liberia This was one of the most exciting business trips in my carrier with long-lasting memories. Liberia and its people have affected me and I am honored to be part of t... more

2013 11 Jan

Acquisition JUWELIS Group

Acquisition JUWELIS Group New CEO and Chairman of the Board JUWELIS has been part of my vision for a long time. -- Steffen Bastian, CEO and Chairman of the Board Steffen Bastian completes the acquisition of JUWELIS Group and ... more

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