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Fragile World Foundation (FWF)

Human Care Association

A new strategic Partnership has been formed

A new strategic partnership has been formed today. Human Care Association, powered by JUWELIS Group, and Fragile World Foundation (FWF) sealed the commitment of joining synergies in the area of life saving measurements.

With Mr. Philipp A. Schoeller, the founder of Fragile World Foundation (FWF), we found the perfect match for Human Care Association's philosophy, especially in the fields of disaster aid after devastating natural catastrophes and prevention of medical epidemics.

Global natural disasters like meteorites, earth quakes, tsunamis, killer viruses are a constant threat to our planet and can cost millions of lives. Fragile World Foundation's main objectives are:

  • to raise awareness of the Earth’s vulnerability
  • to analyze potential dangers
  • to coordinate global research
  • to control disasters trough preventative measurements
  • to bringing global knowledge, prevention and coordination together

Steffen Bastian, CEO of JUWELIS and President of Human Care Association, has been invited as a member of the FWF board and has accepted very humbled. We, at Human Care Association, are very pleased to cooperate and assist in creating meaningful results together.

Please see more details on Fragile World Foundation's homepage, the brochure and the video below.

Please call the JUWELIS office or Fragile World Foundation direct for more detailed information.



Published on Friday, 15. November 2013 at 06:57 pm

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