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Meeting with Expert in Japanese Fishery and Agriculture

Meeting with Japanese Expert in Agriculture and Marine Science

Professor and former Director of Japanese Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center (JAMARC)

On October 21st, the JUWELIS executive team met with a prominent Japanese marine scientist to discuss future collaboration between Japan and USA for the upcoming JUWELIS Smart Farms. The main discussion remained around defining the JUWELIS Smart Farm's future location in the North Eastern Part of Japan which suffered devastating damages from the Tsunami. Our goal is to contribute to the economic situation and help to rebuild the area around Fukushima. 

Our partner in this matter is a former director of the fishery research agency of the JAMARC. He published numerous books about marine life and agriculture. His education with an MBA and a PhD in Agriculture is impressive. JUWELIS is honored for this opportunity of collaboration and is looking forward making a difference in the area of Fukushima.

Published on Monday, 21. October 2013 at 03:14 pm

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