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JUWELIS at 1,000 Lantern Festival in Japan

Sento-kuyo-e in Japan

JUWELIS among honored VIP Participants

On the third Saturday of October, Sento-kuyo-e, the largest event of the year, is held in Japan. During this event, yamabushi monks dress in traditional clothing and perform a ritual to memorialize all people they have passed away, drive away misfortunes, and bring prosperity to all. A large bonfire is lit, hundreds of candles are placed on both sides of the path leading to the temple, and monks play the traditional horagai, or shell horn.

JUWELIS was among the invited VIP participants and we are honored to be part of the restoration of the temple area. We truly enjoyed this event and it has left lasting memories.

Below, please enjoy he pictures we brought home with us as well as the video below.



Published on Saturday, 19. October 2013 at 11:43 pm

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