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A Message from the CEO

A Message from Steffen Bastian, CEO & Chairman

We are well prepared for a successful 2014

With 2013 as our first year as a holding company, it has exceeded our expectations by far. It has been a significant year for JUWELIS and we thank you for your contribution to our success.

We are humbled by the positive response of our partners, clients and investors as well by the tremendous efforts and loyalty of our outstanding team from around the world.


It was a busy travel year with over 100,000 flight miles on my account. We established valuable partnerships and friendships with lasting memories which we reported throughout the year in our news sections. 

Having set a solid foundation for JUWELIS, we are excited to enter into a new, successful year.

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy and prosper New Year and would like to thank you for being part of JUWELIS.


We look forward doing business with you in 2014 and in the future. --- Steffen Bastian, December 31, 2013


Published on Monday, 30. December 2013 at 07:46 pm

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