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JUWELIS overseeing Progress in Japan

Temple Project in Japan

Renovation and Expansion

The JUWELIS Executive Team traveled to Japan to oversee the progress of the renovation and expansion of the temple project. 

This Buddhist Temple is one of Japan's most recognized landmark. The temple was established by the Tokugawa family and dates to the 17th century. It hosts the annual Sento-kuyo-e, the "1,000 Lantern Festival", where JUWELIS was honored to participate as VIP guests.

The extensive renovation and the expansion of an additional Charnel House has begun. JUWELIS traveled on site to oversee the progress and to discuss further development.

Please see below some pictures of the model and the actual construction site.

Video of magnificient temple area:




Published on Monday, 21. October 2013 at 02:36 am

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