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Business Weekend in Japan

Tokyo and Nagoya

Short Business Visit in Japan

During the JUWELIS CEO's busy weeks in Hong Kong, he incorporated a quick weekend trip to Japan. Purpose of the short visit was to catch up with the JUWELIS Team Japan, with some of our clients and investors and to oversee the progress of our projects.

Despite the short time and the weekend, it was a fruitful visit and JUWELIS is proud of the accomplishment of the JUWELIS Team Japan. 

The JUWELIS CEO was invited to Nagoya and tour the Buddhist Temple to oversee the progress of the renovation and expansion of escalators for the handicapped visitors to provide easy access of the large temple area, a new common area for events, comfort stations and the construction of a charnel house. All constructions are carefully and tastefully integrating nature and the traditional architecture. 

Since the JUWELIS meetings took place during the weekend, we were able to enjoy a few serene hours in the temple area and participate on a Buddhist Sunday mass. The entire JUWELIS Team has been treated as VIP guest and we feel honored and proud to be able to be part of this project. Thank you for this special treatment and a few very energizing hours. Please enjoy some pictures below.


Published on Wednesday, 19. March 2014 at 01:40 am

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