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Touched by the Outbreak of the Ebola Virus

Meeting with "Friends of Liberia" in Leipzig, Germany

JUWELIS' Involvment in Ebola Education and Prevention

JUWELIS' partnership with the association "Friends of Liberia" in Leipzig ( has been established in 2013, right after Steffen Bastian's invitation from the Liberian Government in April 2013.

We are deeply touched by the massive outbreak and the helpless situation in Liberia and adjacent countries. 

This disaster initiated to set up an immediate meeting in Leipzig, Germany with Thomas Koeppig, president of the association and with Michael Koelsch, Honor Consul in Germany of Liberia ( The goal was to be updated first hand of the actual situation in the disaster area and to find solutions for support.

The best way to stop Ebola world-wide is to educate the population in the most effected zones about the first signs of Ebola and measurements of proper activities.

Many Liberian citizen don't know how to handle the disease and public information is needed desperately, such as television advertisements, radio announcements, video screens on trucks reaching the most abandoned villages and so forth. For that reason, "Friends of Liberia" is collecting funds and is suggestion to invest in the development of a App as an ideal information tool in Liberia where everybody has a mobile phone.

Please see the newspaper article for more information: (

Published on Friday, 26. September 2014 at 04:14 pm

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