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JUWELIS new in Mexico

Promising Opportunities in Mexico

New JUWELIS Office. New Partners. new Projects.

What a welcome for JUWELIS in Mexico!

Our Mexican JUWELIS representatives, Lucy Gomez and Gilberto,Rungel introduced us to the top of Mexico's politicians, to very promising projects and to successful business partners. We were greeted and treated like VIPs - the trip remains unforgettable for us.

The main focus of our activities in Mexico will be in the area of San Luis Potosi and an area with a large port on the Gulf of Mexico, among some other parts of Mexico. JUWELIS is starting with the JUWELIS Smart Housing product, especially in regions where immediate help is needed.

We thank Lucy, Gilberto and the Senator, his wife and the mayor for their hospitality. 





Published on Saturday, 07. June 2014 at 06:35 pm

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