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JUWELIS visiting Orphanage in Morocco

Orphanage Dar al Atfal al Ouafae Fez, Morocco

JUWELIS' newest addition to HUMAN Care Association

JUWELIS received the privilege to visit an orphanage in Fez, Morocco. 

The director, founder and staff of the orphanage Dar al Atfal al Ouafae in Fez welcomed us warmly and showed us the facility. They currently care for 140 children between the age of three and thirteen. The staff is amazingly loving to the children and we could see that each single one is loved and well taken care of. 

Unfortunately, after thirteen years of age, the children are required to leave the facility, and up to date they have to search for a solution or a place for after that period. Currently, the orphanage has one thirteen year old boy and a handful twelve year olds for whom a solution must be found fast. There are plans to transfer the teenagers over thirteen years of age into a new facility with care and education. JUWELIS committed its assistance of finding a solution for the abandoned children of Morocco. 

JUWELIS chose the Orphanage Dar al Atfal al Ouafae in Fez as their youngest addition to its HUMAN Care Association, and promises that the children and staff will not be forgotten.

Any support or donation is welcome. 
Please call our office for more details how you can help: 

Thank you for your consideration and contribution.

JUWELIS Team World-Wide


Published on Tuesday, 08. April 2014 at 10:28 am

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