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JUWELIS new in Morocco!

JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL

JUWELIS Activities in Fairy Tale Environment

JUWELIS is proud to announce the incorporation JUWELIS Morocco Management SARL, a holding company in Morocco for local JUWELIS activities.

The JUWELIS Senior Team visited Morocco for three days and was able to meet with officials from the government. JUWELIS is very excited for the given opportunities in a truly magical country. The focus will be directed to JUWELIS Smart Housing technologies in different sectors, as well as green energy and most needed support in creating jobs and education. 

JUWELIS also committed to work on a solution for the many orphans in Morocco and was especially touched by one orphanage in Fez (please see separate news).

Morocco and its people have captured our hearts and we thank our new JUWELIS Team, their families, friends and officials who offered JUWELIS an amazing hospitality and made the us feel very welcome. 

Please see a short video about Morocco as well as a few pictures from the three day visit.



Published on Tuesday, 22. April 2014 at 09:46 pm

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