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Children in Laos

With Soccer on the right Path

Admiration for a Family in Laos

On our first trip to Laos, we met Peter Sihalath who happened to be our chauffeur in Laos once in a while. On the day of departure he mentioned his "other job": helping around 40 children to get on the right track by opening his own home. We ask if we can visit them on our next trip to Laos, which we did.

When we arrived, around 40 children and teenager between 4 and 25 sat on the floor in the living room and greeted us with a song. We were touched by their stories. Some come from abusive drug addicted families, some were addicted themselves, some were abandoned by their parents and some came from orphanages. Peter and his wife Noi do an amazing job. Beside raising their own children, they open their home for the children to bring them on the right track. They build up their self-esteem and confidence by teaching them extra-curricular activities in soccer and other sports. They provide them an atmosphere for them to be able to manage their lives in a positive manner and teach them to grow up to be responsible adults with professional careers.

We were impressed by the result. The young people were extremely well mannered, doing great at school. Some even attend an engineering school. JUWELIS sponsored a monetary contribution and gifts from the US which brought huge smiles into their faces.

Thank you, Peter and Noi Sihalath for your personal sacrifices and make a difference in these children's life.


Published on Sunday, 26. July 2015 at 04:14 am

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