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We've expanded and moved!

NEW Location in Switzerland

Feusisberg, Canton Schwyz

Starting end of 2016 and during the year 2017, the entire JUWELIS Group has been restructured.

In 2016, the JUWELIS Group received the official Holding status in Switzerland which enables us to include some additional external and existing businesses into the structure.

Due to this expansion and the new business activities, we decided to move our Swiss office to Firststrasse 6, 8835 Feusisberg, Switzerland and take advantage of one of Switzerland's lowest tax rate. Additionally, we  restructured these new businesses which are Global VAT Refund AG and CASIUS Treuhand AG and started now with new activities in October 2017. A much leaner workflow and faster process with some new IT technologies serve our international clients at its highest standard.

The integration of Global VAT Refund AG and CASIUS Treuhand AG to JUWELIS Group strengthens the opportunity for all of our international clients and network partners to join forces, expand business ventures and take advantage to save taxes with our VAT Refund and Tax Service. 

Feusisberg is embedded on the hills between magnificent Lake Zurich and breathtaking mountains of the Swiss Alps.

The magnificent view over Lake Zurich from the office has become a nice by-product from our actions in 2017 and we truly enjoy our bigger office.  

It’s not just the view that brings celebrities, CEOs, investors and family clans, it's the extremely low tax rate that draws the attention to Who's Who in the business world.


These are the firms we restructured in 2017:

  • Global VAT Refund GmbH with its 20 years of successful reclaiming VAT for mid size and large German companies. Our office location is since 2002 still the same: Louisenstrasse 94, 61248 Bad Homburg v.d.H., Germany.
  • Global VAT Refund AG, newly located in Feusisberg, has been established to reclaim VAT for corporate clients worldwide.
  • CASIUS Treuhand AG offering new Trust & Business Services for hand selected clients. 

Despite these new activities in our JUWELIS Group, the focus of JUWELIS continues on the current Moringa, water and hospital projects in Indochina.  

Please contact us for details or information material.

Published on Sunday, 01. October 2017 at 11:45 am

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